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Widow: A Four-Letter Word

A Memoir of Men … Loved, Lost, and Learned From

a book by Judy Crowell

Judy Crowell, a sixty-three-year old widow, is shaken out of her topsy-turvy malaise by an old acquaintance, cajoling and wooing her back to the dating world – a world she last experienced when Eisenhower was president. Tackling a pile of disregarded old photos, she reminisces over the men in her life: a hormone-raging teenage Lothario in a lime green ‘50s Chevy; an eighty-year-old Benedictine monk; a Johnny Walker-swilling uncle; and a husband taken too soon by cancer.
After forty-two years of marriage, can she share another man’s popcorn at the movies? Feel another man’s beard against her cheek? Another man’s touch? Another man’s bed?
In Widow: A Four Letter Word, humor and tragedy intermingle as a widow looks back at the men in her life and grapples with a persistent suitor wooing her to date and, perhaps, to love again.